At Position2, we are digital career architects! Being an award-winning agency with a global footprint, we are committed to delivering accelerated results for our clients’ all-round progress. We carry the same attitude and commitment to our training program. To deliver the best for our clients, we are looking to strengthen our team with the best kick-starters in the digital industry; ones who would be pioneers of the next generation of integrative and innovative digital marketers.

We are a driven, progressive, fast-paced and successful agency first and a training academy next. The training offered by us is not to give you just a certificate but a career foundation that is second to none! We are here to build your digital career.

  • The course is designed in a way that you are not only aware of the current best practices but become equipped to quickly adapt to any changes that come in the future.
  • Our trainers are domain experts for our agency who handle multiple clients with different objectives with accelerated success results.
  • Focus here is to enhance each individual’s natural skill set and inclination for mapping a successful career in digital marketing.
  • As the training progresses you will be able to work on a few live projects to test your learning and enhance your experience.
  • You directly get hired by Position2 at the end of your training, if you qualify in the assessment.
  • The focus is on building your career in digital marketing; which means in addition to the knowledge of digital marketing you would get trained in Excel, Communication skills & others.
  • Faculty at Position2, in addition to being strategically aware of each nerve of digital marketing; are approachable and communicative. You are encouraged to ask questions, as many and as often as you like.